Resilience Building Leader Program (RBLP) Exam Prep

Hours: 15 / Access Length: 12 Months / Delivery: Online, Mentor Supported
Retail Price: $495.00

Course Overview:

This course will be discontinued on 11/26/2022.  No further enrollments are allowed.


The Resilience-Building Leadership Professional (RBLP) certification exam is for front-line supervisors. Organizations need front-line supervisors that can build resilient teams. Building resilient teams that can work together to overcome adversity in a challenging environment is a core competency for leaders at all levels. Resilient teams are stronger together, and they make organizational learning and change possible.

Course Outline:

Create a Positive Climate
  • Leader Task 1: Analyze team climate
  • Leader Task 2: Earn trust
  • Leader Task 3: Treat people with respect
  • Leader Task 4: Enforce accountability
  • Leader Task 5: Encourage people to have fun
  • Leader Task 6: Demonstrate character
  • Leader Task 7: Manage expectations
  • One hour coaching session by certified RBLP-T mentor
Develop Cohesion
  • Leader Task 1: Analyze team cohesion
  • Leader Task 2: Encourage people to work in teams
  • Leader Task 3: Promote trust between team members
  • Leader Task 4: Ensure mutual respect between team members
  • Leader Task 5: Show genuine concern for people
  • Leader Task 6: Be there when the going gets tough
  • Leader Task 7: Talk about setbacks
  • One hour coaching session by certified RBLP-T mentor
Provide Purpose
  • Leader Task 1: Analyze individual purpose
  • Leader Task 2: Encourage individual learning
  • Leader Task 3: Train the team
  • Leader Task 4: Delegate responsibility
  • Leader Task 5: Empower decision-making
  • Leader Task 6: Keep people focused on the mission
  • Leader Task 7: Keep the team informed
  • One hour coaching session by certified RBLP-T mentor
Three hour exam review by certified RBLP-T mentor.

All necessary course materials are included.


This course prepares students to take the Resilience Building Leader Program (RBLP) national certification exam.

RBLP Application Requirements

RBLP applicants must be currently serving in a front-line supervisor role or have three years of work experience.

Front-Line Supervisor Role Defined

Front-line supervisors provide guidance and direction to workers. They set priorities for workers and oversee their activities. Front-line supervisors organize people to work in teams and may work alongside subordinates as a member of the team. They monitor performance and enforce policies, rules, and regulations. Front-line supervisors have applicable technical expertise and can provide on-the-job training to workers.

Military Paygrade Equivalent: U.S. military personnel (or AU, NZ, UK, and CA equivalents) currently serving at paygrades E4 and E5 are eligible for RBLP certification. Military veterans that have previously served at these paygrades are also eligible. Learn more about the military’s funded credentialing opportunities for Active, Reserve, and Guard service members.  

RBLP Certification Exam Requirements

During the 1.5-hour oral RBLP certification exam, the applicant is required to show competence of factual (what), conceptual (why), and procedural knowledge (how) in each of the following competency domains:

Recertification is required every three years to maintain the RBLP level of certification. Credential holders are required to complete a recertification application and professional development exercise detailing how they have implemented applicable leader tasks in the workplace during the previous three years. The RBLP recertification fee is currently $55.

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